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Congratulations! Whether you or somebody you love is celebrating a life milestone or made an outstanding achievement, we've got you covered.
Life's Milestones





What all is included in the celebratory Feasts?

There are so many ways to customize these boxes. We will handwrite a letter, with verbiage of your choosing, includes a bottle of champagne because we all know bubbly goes great with celebrating AND a cake that will include a special message as well.

Don't forget you can always add on! We still offer our Poppin' Bottles Menu with these boxes so you can celebrate with your favorite wine.

How many people do these Feasts feed?

Each Feast has options to feed 2-4 people. Need to feed a larger group? Drop us a line and we'll make it happen.

How and where do I pick up my supply box?

Ingredient boxes are available for pickup at Metropole in Downtown Cincinnati. Specific pickup instructions will be sent after purchase.

I have a dietary restriction/allergy, can you accommodate me?

Absolutely. Just let us know when placing your order what your restriction is and we'll tailor the Feast to accommodate.

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